Friday, April 11, 2008

GUI Programming In Java

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Static and Dynamic polymorphism in C++

This slide examines the cost/benefits of both static and dynamic polymorphism in C++

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Ruby on Rails Security

The slides from the 24C3 session "Ruby on Rails Security" by Jonathan Weiss, 30.12.2007.

Even though Ruby on Rails introduces a lot of best practices to the developer, it is still quite easy for an imprudent programmer to forget that every web application is a potential target. Web application attacks like Cross Site Scripting or Cross Site Request Forgery are very popular these days and every Rails developer should have an idea about the different possibilities that his application presents to an attacker.

This talk will cover most of the common web application vulnerabilities like Cross Site Scripting and Cross Site Request Forgery, SQL and Code injection, and deployment security and how they apply to Rails. Further Ruby on Rails specific issues like Rails plugin security, JavaScript/Ajax security, and Rails configuration will be examined and best practices introduced.

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